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Importance of Date Selection in Feng Shui

Author: Ray Liew

How important is date selection in Feng Shui? Date selection is in fact one of the most important factor in Feng Shui. Often, date selection can be considered s a single subject when you learn or study Feng Shui. Without a good date selected for the execution of Feng Shui, your Feng Shui setup might seems to have no effect at all, or worst of all, bad effects. Most of these bad effects are caused by Sui Po or San Sha (3 killings) of the date or time used to activate the Feng Shui setup or changes. Hence if the Feng Shui setup or changes are done on inauspicious date or time, it will likely brings misfortune to him/her.

There are however plenty of date selection methods out there each with its strength and weakness. Just to list a few date selection systems here:

  • Xuan Kong Da Kua Date Selection

  • Great Sun Date Selection

  • Five Elements Date Selection

  • 4 Pillars Date Selection

  • 9 Stars Date Selection

  • Dong's Date Selection

  • Qi Men Dun Jia Date Selection

  • So under what situations are is date selection required? Generally, people use date selections for all sorts of events including start of new businesses, property developments, business negotiations, house renovations, shifting of beds, setting up Feng Shui changes, burials, etc.

    Some Feng Shui masters tend to suggest to their clients the appropriate changes to their home or working environment without suggesting the date and time to perform these changes. So the next time you engage a Feng Shui master to perform an audit, do remember to ask for an auspicious date to maximise the good effects.

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    Driven by the strong interest in Metaphysics, Ray is consistently exploring into different fields of Metaphysics. These fields include Feng Shui of different schools, BaZi (also known as 4 Pillars), I-Ching (also known as Book of Changes), Qi Men Dun Jia, etc. Ray is also the webmaster of Feng Shui portal, ( Being an IT engineer for a living, he is also committed to create online tools and resources to enhance people's learning and application of these ancient arts.

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