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Rise in Love Through Feng Shui Love

Author: Amit Bhalla

Love is a feeling that everyone wants fall in for as it makes person a better human being. Moreover, it gives a feeling of belongingness and security. However, there are people who have been waiting for love since a long time but failed in getting it due to some reasons. Anyways, do not get disappointed as feng shui love is here to make you lucky in love. Hence, do not wait and let the love conquer you.

Think love and the whole environment gets charged up. Feng shui love can be applied any time of the year, as love does not need any special day or season to happen. The experts from feng shui offer various tips to fetch love and make bonds stronger. Some of the tips that can be used for inviting love through feng shui love bring positive results. According to the Chinese legends and myths, throwing oranges into the lake can get a good husband. In fact, on every 15th day of Chinese New Year, single ladies obtain three mandarins and on each one they write the most important characteristics of a man they wish to marry and then throw them into the lake.

The things that can make feng shui love work can be lighting up the Southwest direction of bedrooms with red lights, this will enhance the chances of people to find love soon. Interestingly, feng shui does not permit the use of dark red roses with thorns as they symbolize bleeding and have negative connotations on love, companionship and happiness. Hence, colors like pink, yellow, peach or cream roses without thorns are recommended for a strong relationship. Moreover, the experts say that if the bedrooms have mirrors then it will further destroy the chances of love as mirror reflects another person between two people. This often means an extra marital affair but sometimes it can be anyone, such as a discouraging relative, a green-eyed friend. Therefore, it is advisable to remove or cover mirrors in bedrooms.

The practitioners also believe that the best way to attract love is to adjust environment accordingly. In fact, in feng shui love, dingy surroundings, piles of clutter, and self-absorbed artwork are strict no no; and can actually drive Cupid from the door. Thus, to have a strong and passionate love life, one can follow simple things like replacing of lonely images with pictures of happy couples, creating cozy seating arrangements throughout the house especially bedroom, by moving out the television from the bedroom. In fact, feng shui love experts say that the chances of good and healthy marriage become stronger if these things are present in the bedroom. Moreover, clearing out of dresser drawers along with leaving empty hangers in the closets, and keeping an extra toothbrush in the bathroom will improve the love life. However, feng shui love is actually practiced for bedrooms only, as the bedrooms represent the romantic life. Therefore, the last images that any one would like to see would be of pictures that reflect clutter, such images will actually wade off the passion in one’s married and love life hence, celebrate love with care.

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